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Delicious Delicacies by Chef Amaris Jones.

MVM Miami Fashion Breakfast

Every December Miami is flooded with celebrities, artistes, fashion heads and more from all over the world for Art Basel as it “stages the world’s premier Modern and contemporary art shows,” (ww.artbasel.com/en/About-Art-Basel, 2014).

This year theeNEWchic had the pleasure of kicking off it’s Basel experience with MVM Miami’s Fashion Breakfast in Wynwood, FL. The boutique, owned by Melissa Mosheim, hosted its event in true Art Basel style at the Fusion Mia Garden Lounge (aka the BET Art Lounge), featuring works from the N’Namdi Contemporary gallery, clothing from Jay Godfrey and jewelry from LeiVanKash.

As expected, attendees were fun, fashionable and mostly dressed by Mr. Godfrey himself. With dresses and separates reflective of the Modern contemporary art displayed

Correspondent Camille Kaye with designer Jay Godfrey
Correspondent Camille Kaye with designer Jay Godfrey
Fusion Mia Lounge

on the walls, the Godfrey-outfitted ladies were like an interactive runway show for the featured designer.

Equally-represented was Ms. Kash who should have come with a clone as everyone who entered the Fusion lounge’s doors gravitated towards her gorgeous display of chains, ear cuffs, hand cuffs, and rings from her Damocles Collection. All with yummy breakfast treats in-hand conjured by Chef Amaris Jones.


The well-attended event attracted Najee Dorsey, owner of Black Art in America: the top online hub for African American artists across the world; the founders of the innovative WarDrobe Designs who launched their revolutionary interchangeable skateboard plate product the day before, along with other fresh individuals and companies such as advertising firm, Its Not An Agency.

If you’re reading this make sure to check these companies out, whether on your own Basel event run or online. Overall the event fit right into the Art Basel scene: funky, artsy, fashionably chic and most definitely fashion forward. No doubt two thumbs up from Thee New Chic team.